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Within the teens from the 20th century, Sexteto Bolona were perhaps one of the most influential performers of son, a vivid Afro-Spanish fusion of music styles. Son includes two stylistic amounts. The very first level (African in origins) is really a rumba tempo over which a number of percussionists improvise. The next level (deriving from Spain) is normally provided by a combined mix of three string guitars referred to as tres along with a makeshift bass. Spanish lyrics are sung on the equipment in traditional decima type with rhymed octosyllabic lines. The group varied within the 1920s, attracting Felix Chapotin on trumpet and Arsenio Rodriguez on tres. The group produced a departure from traditional kid in supplying a tighter sound which was inspired by American golf swing music. The group could be heard over the Root base of Salsa.

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Music Songs Quiéreme, Camagüeyana, A Morir, Caballeros, Una Copa Es Tu Ambición, Aurora en Pekín, Te Prohibido el Cabaret, Flores de Alelí, La Garzona, Juana Carere, Martillo Clavo, Clavo Martillo, Carolina Mulata, Linda Mora, La Bohemia, A la Cuata Co y Co, Échale Candela, Qué Desdichando Nací, Darling Dear, Love Me, Camagueyan Woman, Flora, How Wretched I Was Born, Add Coal to the Fire!, I Forbid You the Cabaret, Aleli Flowers, Hammer Nail, Nail Hammer, Dear Carolina, A Drink Is Your Ambition
Albums Échale Candela

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