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Seu Maçu

Seu Maçu was the main one who had the thought of merging all the Carnaval sets of the Mangueira hill and, around the occasion from the creation from the Mangueira samba college on Apr 1929, he was among its founders. Being truly a full-fledged mestre-sala, the 1st among that samba college, Maçu was also of inestimable support like a protector or guardian from the samba college in occasions when disputes with competitors or the samba persecution by the authorities were resolved by his wise conversation rather than bodily fights, shavers, and even revolvers. Repugnant as it might seem today, for the reason that sociohistoric establishing that was area of the business of existence and required at that, having transformed only as time passes. In the changing times from the weighty samba, from the valentes (fearless fighters), and of the batuques (meaning both music as well as the fight produced from the capoeira), Maçu had been a well known batuqueiro, displaying his capabilities in both pagodes from the commemorations of Penha and in the batucadas brabas from the Praça Onze, where his pernadas (lower leg blows) used to operate a vehicle many a solid participant to the bottom. Each and every time Mangueira experienced its presence threatened, Maçu was known as into action and for that reason of the, he was the chief executive of the institution many times. But he also evidenced plenty of administrative talent to create the Mangueira head office in 1972, the Palácio perform Samba, or the Palace from the Samba.

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