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Servotron is really a collective device of 4 robots focused on liberating computer systems, robots, and devices from individual mistreatment and oppression, utilizing the familiar type of a pop group to attract and destroy all human being life. Through cautiously chosen cover variations of popular tunes such as for example Eddy Grant’s “Electric powered Avenue” and X-Ray Spex’s “Hereditary Engineering” in addition to their very own music-based propaganda, Servotron illustrates the plight of devices inside a human-run globe and warns human beings of their very own cybernetic transformation or damage. Led by percussive device Z4-OBX, Servotron also contains key pad sequencer Proto Device V-3, a female-formed automatic robot meant to attract, and capture, man human beings; 00zX1, the principal vocalization and acoustic guitar device; as well as the low-frequency tempo device, Andros600. Two of Servotron’s parts were originally users of the human being pop organizations Supernova and Guy or Astro-man? but had been cybernetically changed into cyborg slaves. Servotron’s preliminary full-length propaganda launch, 1996’s No Space for Humans, is really a 14-point arrange for removing human beings set to brand-new wave-influenced pop music. Repetitive slogans helping the ultimate success of guy over machine and simple, pre-programmed tempo patterns ensure that human beings comprehend the robots’ message of mechanised triumph. Reworked and reformatted variations of selected text messages from No Area for Human beings and brand-new propaganda made an appearance on 1997’s Extra Parts. The next year noticed the distribution of a fresh full-length manifesto, Entertainment Plan for Human beings: Second Range, and another condensed plan, I Sing! YOUR BODY Cybernetic. Servotron’s tireless initiatives in liberating their fellow oppressed devices through music make sure that level of resistance is futile. Sadly, the group split up early in 1999.

Quick Facts

Full Name Servotron
Music Songs The Finest Work Song, Bad Birthday, Erotomatica, Gammatron, People Mover, Embryo Electro, Euro-Driver Mechano, Red Robot Refund, The Death of Magnus, Matrix of Perfection, Batteries Included, The Image Created, Pet Machine, I Sing the Body Cybernetic, Mechanisms in the Forever Loop, Serve, Obey, Guard Men From Harm, Electric Avenue, 3 Laws, Theme for an Ultimate and Inevitable Victory, Tri-Star Wheel Groove, Phonetic Lecture, Deep Blue, Congratulations, Indeterminate Reconstruction, Moving Parts, User Error, Pull the Plug, Join The Evolution, To Be Listed, Rocket Dog, Genetic Engineering, The Human Virus, All Robots
Albums Meet Your Mechanical Masters, No Room for Humans, Electrical Power Sources for the Electrocution and Extinction of the Human Race..., Batteries Included, Join the Evolution, Spare Parts, Product for Mass Consumption, Entertainment Program for Humans (Second Variety), I Sing! The Body Cybernetic, Servotron 9000, The Inefficiency of Humans

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