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Anyone who idea that Randy Sparks’ New Christy Minstrels represented probably the most well-scrubbed component of the folk revival never reckoned using the Serendipity Performers. This mixed-voice non-et, founded on the School of Colorado by Mike Brovsky, H. Brooks Hatch, and Bryan Sennett, produced Sparks’ group appear to be a fresh blues band in comparison. They sang magnificently, nevertheless, and do sell information; and, just like the Christys, within a distantly related type, the name Serendipity Performers is mounted on an ensemble which has continued to execute in to the 21st hundred years. Sennett founded the group being a trio with Brovsky and Hatch, plus they demonstrated popular on the School of Colorado in Boulder, where these were structured. By 1963, nevertheless, Sennett was motivated to expand the group, partially through the impact of the brand new Christy Minstrels, who have been making a significant name for themselves executing and acquired released a big success that summer season and fall known as “Green, Green.” They added John Madden, a virtuoso on many tools, guitarist Jon Arbenz, and bassist Bob Youthful, and Lynne Weintraub arrived aboard to include a female tone of voice towards the ensemble, right now a septet. The group shifted to NY in the springtime of 1963, wishing to property a recording agreement, and expanded just as before with the help of Texas-born folksingers Diane Decker and Tommy Tiemann, who was simply performing together like a duo and had been already veterans from the Arthur Godfrey Display on tv. The nonet, because they had been right now, performed in the Bitter End, the other of the very best night clubs in New York’s Greenwich Town, and obtained the management experience of its two owners, Fred Weintraub and Bob Bowers. They didn’t property a recording agreement immediately, however they do move an audition to seem on Hootenanny, the every week ABC-TV folk music display, where they made an appearance many times that period, billing themselves because the Serendipity Performers being a reflection of the all the best. Next implemented a recording agreement with Philips Information, which already acquired one successful Uk folk ensemble, the Springfields, on the roster (and that they had been about to eliminate when Dusty Springfield announced her leave). Their debut record, The Serendipity Performers, was a beautifully crafted and wide collection of folk and folk-based music, embracing traditional music and designs and originals predicated on traditional materials with the group associates (principally Sennett and Madden with efforts from Hatch and Tiemann) and co-producer and co-manager Bob Bowers. The record was smoother and much more diverse compared to the modern work of the brand new Christy Minstrels and it yielded lots six Billboard strike within the guise of “DON’T ALLOW the Rain DROP (Crooked Small Man).” Propelled with the single’s reputation, The Serendipity Performers LP rode the Billboard record graph for 29 weeks in 1964. The Serendipity Performers as an organization acquired a bigger-voiced method of singing compared to the Christys, plus they highlighted fewer of the average person associates on their tracks, a minimum of on record. These were in lots of ways nearer to the Seekers than to the Christys and, in a few respects, the group had been in a location how the Christys will be going in another year or two, for his or her repertory included a lot more than folk materials. The Serendipity Performers also rearranged pop specifications for six voices and included modern Broadway and off-Broadway tracks in their models and on the albums. They broke for the graphs just with time, because the folk growth was peaking as well as the English Invasion was going to sweep most of the music panorama before it. Another solitary, the novelty music “Beans in my own Ears,” compiled by Len Chandler, reached the very best 30, another record, The Many Edges from the Serendipity Performers, seemed to recognized the truth that folk music acquired lost a few of its industrial charm. Bob Dylan acquired begun making electric powered music and had taken most of the youthful and more vigorous folk listeners with him, and one of the performers that he’d produce, just Joan Baez, Judy Collins, and Peter, Paul & Mary continuing to score strikes, mainly by modifying their particular sounds. For serves just like the Christys as well as the Serendipity Performers, there was no more significant graph activity, probably because their massed vocal audio, fine since it could be organized, appeared relentlessly upbeat and contrived at a spot once the most energetic area of the folk viewers needed the music to reflect even more raw emotion, especially anger. Included among the next album’s 12 tracks had been gospel and well-known tracks, off-Broadway materials (“Shortly It’s Gonna Rainfall” by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt from the Fantasticks), and also materials attracted from Hollywood, in order to broaden their listenership. Their third record, Take Your Sneakers Off Using the Serendipity Performers, charted in early 1965 as well as the group’s bookings on university campuses and in night clubs had been still extremely solid, though their times of charting singles had been over. Philips released a 4th LP, We Belong Collectively, that had even more of a pop audio and also released participant Patty Davis, being successful Lynne Weintraub. A 5th long-player, The Serendipity Performers Sing of Appreciate, Lies and Traveling Festoons, shut out their agreement past due in 1965. 2 yrs afterwards, the group produced its last appearance on vinyl fabric using a one-shot record for the United Performers label with Like Is circumstances of Mind. The final initial users had been gone by the finish from the 1960s. The Serendipity Performers have continued like a real industrial enterprise in to the 1990s and beyond, nevertheless, with a fresh membership beneath the aegis of a fresh manager/owner, carrying out on cruise lines, at industry events, and on infomercials and occasionally in colaboration with numerous religious businesses. In August of 1999, eight of the initial nine users from the Serendipity Performers performed a reunion concert in Branson, MO, their first overall performance together by all the initial users since 1966. And in the springtime of 2000, Collectables Information released a two-on-one Compact disc reissue from the group’s initial two Philips albums from 1964.

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