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Selma do Coco

The folkloric and highly influential face from the mangue beat umbrella denomination, the harsh-voiced and underrated Selma do Coco resided in the hinterlands of Pernambuco (in Vitória de Santo Antão, more precisely) until her teens, taking part in the regional music culture and absorbing the coco genre. The others of her lifestyle was spent in poverty in Recife and Olinda (Pernambuco), offering home-made tapioca in the roads. Interested in the coco, the Brazilian genre created after African dances and discovered by her from her parents and grandparents in glucose mills of Alagoas and Pernambuco, for 30 years she’d promote get-togethers at her house through the weekends which became respected, attracting pop music artists (including Chico Research, her introducer to main audientes) and getting her invites for regional and regional shows. The performances make use of the ganzá, the pandeiro, the surdo as well as the conga, followed by handclapping and stomping, while Selma dances in her quality way performing verses eliciting replies from the market. Finally uncovered in the Abril Pro Rock and roll (Olinda, Pernambuco, 1996), she acquired popular with “A Rolinha”, that was documented by several performers and was perhaps one of the most shown music in the Carnaval of 1997, calendar year where she was presented to the viewers of São Paulo in the Babel event (her initial aircraft trip, at 62), sided by her disciples Coração Tribal and Mestre Ambrósio. In the same yr she was asked towards the Caruaru Forró-Rock-Fest, where also performed Jorge Cabeleira, Devotos perform Ódio, Dona Margarida Pereira, Encounters perform Subúrbio, Cascabulho, Paulo Francis Vai Pro Céu and Eddie, also to the Rec Defeat event (Recife, Pernambuco, 1999). With Selma perform Coco, the genre was enthusiastically used by many a pop designer, actually if her founding position isn’t duly recognized. Having documented four CD’s in Germany and Belgium, Selma experienced in 1998 her 1st recording released in Brazil, Minha História. In 2001 she was launched towards the American viewers in the brand new Orleans Jazz & History Festival festival.

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