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Noticing the style of black steel overtaking their encircle music scene of Sweden, Ilkka Viitasalo (vocals), Marko Hautakoski (drum), Timo Sillankorva (guitar) and Tapani Hoikkaniemi (bass) liked what they noticed, until the portion where every group within this genre began dissing God. In response, they shaped Selfmindead, which got a cue from these influences, the only real difference was that they prefered to wait churches instead of burning them. Making use of their self-titled discharge that was ultimately licesened in america through Solid Condition Information in 1998, Selfmindead got the opportunity to hit the street throughout Europe to get it that same season; using the accompaniment of substitute bassist Emil Nikolaisen.

Quick Facts

Music Songs The Motivation Song, Everything's Gonna Be O.K., One Step Forward, Rules to Break / Laws to Change, Burn Down the Old and Build Up the New, Into the Fire, Agree to Disagree, Dirty Hands, Constant Continuation, Under the Water, Wayfaring stranger, Human Hatred, Fuel Stop, Liar, Nothing Inside, Between Two, Freedom, The Second Beginning, No Sense, Three, Lack, Racket, Always, Close Your Eyes, Progress, Slip, Clean
Albums At the Barricades We Fall, Selfmindead, The Oslo Compact

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