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Shaped in 1971 by Ney Matogrosso (vocalist), Gerson Conrad (vocalist/composer/violão) and João Ricardo (singer/composer/violão/harmonica), Secos & Molhados is certainly inscribed within a privileged group of few rings and musicians who led Brazil from bossa nova through Tropicália after that to Brazilian rock and roll, a method which just blossomed in the ’80s. A lot of the group’s importance, in addition to the large achievement of its initial album, which marketed 700,000 copies in 1973, was the large usage of stage make-up and dramatic components. These offered as reference to get a era of underground rings which wouldn’t acknowledge MPB as their appearance, finally drawing an absolute view in Brazilian music in the ’80s through collective contribution. João Ricardo, a journalist through the paper Última Hora (São Paulo), head and creator of Secos & Molhados, is certainly a Portuguese from Ponte perform Lima (1949). His dad, the poet/critic João Apolinário, was a significant impact in his literary lifestyle, and even would lead lyrics to two tracks in the starting record, and one for the next. The task Secos & Molhados (“dried out and wet items,” an average upcountry warehouse) was devised by Ricardo, who within the two companions the perfect automobiles for his certain concepts. Ney, who explode around the stage along with his magnetic existence, his counter-tenor tone of voice and luxurious androgynous outfit, staying as the just successful artist from the trio following the end of the group, was launched by vocalist/composer Luli, a common friend; Gerson had been a neighbor and friend of Ricardo’s. In Dec, 1972, the group did an effective series of displays in the nightclub Casa de Badalação e Tédio (São Paulo). Using the scenic/vocal skills of Ney’s, the spectacle was extremely visual, powerful and energetic, discovering inside a sexually ambiguous method the new noises from the music group. Texts of essential poets like Cassiano Ricardo, Manuel Bandeira, Solano Trindade, and Vinícius de Moraes had been used as track lyrics, that was uncommon. In 1973, the achievement in live presentations yielded an invitation from Continental, and Secos & Molhados was documented. The album offered 700,000 copies, a countrywide strike. Among the loaded displays which followed, specifically deserving of point out may be the one performed in the Maracanãzinho stadium, for 25,000 people (that was documented and released in 1980), and in the Presidente Médici Gymnasium, in Brasília. The next 12 months, the group was presented on Mexican Television, and documented the next LP, Secos & Molhados, which also marketed perfectly. Secos & Molhados could possess anticipated Brazilian rock and roll, but had been dissolved before that can happen, in 1974. Disagreements about budget arose between Gerson and Ney, and between dad and son, who had been directly in charge of the disbanding. João Ricardo released an record in 1975, João Ricardo (Philips), and attempted to resurrect the music group for four moments, always using a different development with no first members. Gerson continuing to execute and record, with very little appearance. Ney departed for an extremely successful career, whereby and by he evidenced a genuine reverence for MPB.

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