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Seasons (Pre-Din)

The mysterious ambient/experimental artist Seasons (Pre-Din) emerged in the past due 2000s having a slew of hand-made, self-released, beautifully packaged CD-Rs. The cover of every one prominently presented a type of his personal poetry, plus they frequently contained organic objects such as for example leaves, stones, or twigs. The music, a collage of drone, folk, and traditional elements, sometimes offering traditional instrumentation (piano, acoustic guitar, percussion) and occasionally not, and frequently shrouded in levels of tape hiss and shortwave radio static, was showered with hagiographic compliment from all edges of the web — however the identity from the designer remains a secret. All that’s publicly known about him is definitely that he’s from your north of Britain; not his actual name is well known. The few blurry photos obtainable of him on the web show a rigorous, strong-featured son with very long dark locks. Between 2007 and 2011 he released 11 albums, most about half-an-hour long, by himself Thy Rec label. From your gentle piano numbers of Above the Tides Collapse towards the raging static storms of Smaller but still, each you have its own personality and a feeling of question and mystery improved by his self-imposed anonymity. His highest-profile launch was included with his just album on the label apart from his personal: 2009’s Your Eye the Stars as well as your Hands the ocean was reissued on Compact disc with the Belgian label Secret Ocean, and in a restricted vinyl run from the cult label Type. The latter’s blurb for the discharge claimed that he previously once collaborated with Richard Skelton, another Type designer. In its acoustic drone components and fetishization from the organic globe, his music can often be in comparison to Skelton’s, nonetheless it is definitely frequently darker and noisier, with an air flow of menace instead of among melancholy. In the designer’s only interview, using the webzine Foxy Digitalis, he pressured the need of anonymity towards the task, and emphasized the alternative nature from the produces where, as he experienced, the pictures and lines of poetry had been just as essential as the music. He also mentioned the need for self-releasing the albums, which designed that he had not been beholden to any brands or distributors and may keep the produces obtainable in perpetuity. Nevertheless, he claimed to become exhausted by the procedure of music-making, and announced that 2011’s Lesser but still would be the final Seasons (Pre-Din) launch. He then produced most of his albums designed for download free on his blog page. Despite the insufficient forthcoming albums, he continuing to occasionally launch new songs digitally on his blog page within a continuing series entitled Music for Calm Corners/Tunes for NOBODY.

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