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Sean McCann

Sean McCann is usually a Los Angeles-based composer, experimental musician, and audio engineer whose function has ranged from serene ambient items to ecstatic, joyous items for strings and digital feedback. After creating himself like a drone/experimental musician through the second fifty percent from the 2000s, his post-2012 result offers shifted toward contemporary classical structure and ensemble functions. He has managed a busy routine with numerous produces on a large number of labels, aswell as considerable audio executive credits, furthermore to operating the acclaimed Recital label. Given birth to in 1988, McCann 1st started issuing self-released cassettes of improvised experimental music in 2007. He quickly became a fixture from the underground cassette and CD-R picture, with an astounding amount of produces on labels such as for example Digitalis, Stunned Information, and DNT Information. He co-founded a label known as Move Over Rover in 2008, which released recordings by McCann aswell as Ugly Husbands and Equine Marriage. McCann’s 1st vinyl discharge was the 2010 LP IT?S LIKELY THAT Staying, released by DNT Information. Many McCann albums had been released on vinyl fabric in 2011, including Open up Fix (an Orange Dairy Information reissue of a youthful tape), Sincere Globe (Amethyst Sunset), and THE ADMINISTRATIVE CENTRE (Aguirre Information). McCann added strings to many music on Zola Jesus’ 2011 record Conatus, and started a prolific operate of anatomist recordings by various other music artists, including many produces in the Australian label Preservation. In 2011, McCann set up Recital, a label focused on modern traditional and experimental music. The label’s initial two produces, the limited CD-R Prelusion (afterwards given a vinyl fabric reissue by Main Strata in 2013) and Vanity Good (a 2012 cooperation LP with Matthew Sullivan), had been McCann’s final digital drone/ambient albums. You start with 2013’s Music for Personal Ensemble, his function consisted of even more acoustic instruments such as for example strings and pianos, aswell as musique concrète tape manipulation and vocal tests. McCann collaborated with Main Strata creator Maxwell August Croy for an LP entitled I, that was released by Learners of Decay in 2014. This is accompanied by McCann’s relaxed, immersive solo record Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings, released by Recital in early 2015. A greatly different McCann record entitled A Castle Popping also made an appearance on Recital that calendar year, concentrating on vocal tests aswell as piano and small-ensemble parts. McCann continued focusing on his ambitious, long-in-the-making dual LP Music for General public Ensemble, and asked listeners to contribute recordings of their voices for addition on the recording. The recording premiered in November of 2016, and presented efforts from Ian William Craig, Maxwell August Croy, Graham Lambkin, while others.

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