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Sean Kennedy

Tugging a hard-driving appear away from his old ’67 Gibson, Sean Kennedy is really a self-taught lead guitarist. He learned several good tips from Tommy Morrel (of Bob Wills & the Tx Playboys) and Jerry Miller (of Moby Grape) and continued to create his own music group, Sean Kennedy & the Ruler Kats. Raised within the poorer elements of Tx, Kennedy received his initial electric guitar from his mom when he was 15; the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan, plus Tx country music designed his potential in music. The Stray Felines were another youth like and he merged these affects jointly, also adding songwriting to his repertoire. Kennedy designed Sean Kennedy & the Ruler Kats from music artists who experienced a captivating chemistry when playing jointly. Drummer Dave Maneeley, previously with Dick Dale, originated from LA. Jim Hannibal, a super-energetic sax participant, and Roddy Larsen, professional from the upright bass, circular out the foursome. Jointly they exhibit a talented outrageous design, although their haircuts are brief and their clothes is typical guy-on-the-street. Hepcat Information released the band’s initial Compact disc, Big City, in 1998. Kennedy composed a lot of the music, but the Compact disc also covers Pal Holly’s “Not really FADE.” The music group held the tempo from the Compact disc limited and interesting, without very long boring solos, placing ten paths into 33 powerful mins. By 2000, Lloyd Tripp (bass), originated from Britain and changed Roddy Larsen, getting a solid rockabilly impact with him. Wes Anthony changed Jim Hannibal within the tenor sax and added a origins rock tempo. This combination of skills continues to place out garden music, Americana design, for the working-class.

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