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Scott Smallwood

Scott Smallwood is a composer and improviser surviving in upstate NY. His group involvements consist of Nyquist, 50 Guy Machine, Brown Slashes Neighbours, Nickname: REBEL, and EVIDENCE. In these he has drums, percussion, and consumer electronics, but his most first contribution can be his playing of the steel-pan drum connected via get in touch with microphones to a pc running sound digesting software program. He also composes audio artwork and electro-acoustic parts. Smallwood started fiddling with tape information at age group ten. His fascination with music continuing throughout senior high school. He researched structure, piano, and percussion at Seattle Pacific College or university, Miami College or university, as well as the Peabody Conservatory on the John Hopkins College or university, where he attained his master’s level in pc music in 1996. He had written contemporary classical parts for different instrumentations of these years, but he ultimately still left that field behind to spotlight free and organised improvisation on the main one hands and sound artwork on the various other. His primary musical partners because the mid-’90s have already been bassists Curtis Bahn and Seth Cluett, shakuhachi participant Joel Taylor, and electrician Stephan Moore, but he in addition has performed with Leroy Jenkins, Joe McPhee, Philip Gelb, Scott Rosenberg, and Pauline Oliveros. While functioning as a specialized advisor in audio/video creation and web site design, Smallwood forced his musical profession ahead in the past due ’90s. Creating the CDR-only record label Wavelet in 1998 allowed him release a a string of albums in limited editions. With Moore, he founded Impulse Response, a concert group of experimental music in Troy, NY. Since 1997, Smallwood shows at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In 2001, he was appointed specialized director from the iEAR Studios there. The same 12 months, he was provided an designer residency at the guts for Land Make use of Interpretation in Wendover, UT. It yielded some sound-art pieces gathered on Desert Winds, his 1st “recognized” Compact disc, released on Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Hearing label in early 2002.

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