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Scarlet Fantastic

The duo Scarlet Fantastic were shaped in Birmingham, Western Midlands, Britain in 1985 when the briefly effective Swan’s Method collapsed. After an individual recording the trio dropped Robert Shaw, which remaining vocalist Maggie DeMond and instrumentalist Rick Jones to keep as Scarlet Fantastic. Dressed up in garish outfits befitting the brand new Romantic period, Scarlet Fantastic accomplished two strike singles, ‘No Memory space’ (quantity 24, Oct 1987) and ‘Plug Me In (TOWARDS THE Central Love Collection)’ (quantity 67, January 1988). In addition they recorded a only, non-charting recording which Jones remembers as ‘disjointed’. They split up 1988, with DeMond developing a folk/rock and roll duo with American guitarist Lief Kahal. After documenting an recording, Blue Reflection Music, acknowledged to Pilots FROM THE Impossible, they transformed their name to Dairy so that they can secure a fresh recording agreement in the mid-90s. Rick Jones, having remaining due to personal aswell as professional variations with DeMond, after that created disco group Freakout, before starting the London golf club Fever and learning to be a mentioned club DJ. From the middle-90s he was documenting his very own music once more.

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