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Saxie Dowell

The saxophonist using the nickname all the saxophonists are glad they didn’t get stuck with was also extremely active like a songwriter and music publisher during his career. Certainly there is an impetus to displace the stuffy sounding Horace K. Dowell he was presented with at delivery in NEW YORK close to the outset from the 20th hundred years. He became Saxie Dowell by enough time he started his first main professional affiliation, also his longest, with orchestra innovator Hal Kemp. The nickname probably developed in university, in cases like this UNCG, well recorded over time to be a feasible breeding floor for advanced, ribald wit of the nature. The work with Kemp in fact started within the campus establishing aswell, Kemp himself a UNCG graduate. By 1924 the music group was well into touring and documenting nationally and internationally. Covering tenor and alto saxophone and clarinet, Dowell is at the Kemp music group for another 15 years. Then began up his personal group, which easily survived the changeover into Navy existence in the first ’40s. Actually, Dowell’s U.S. Naval Music group became probably one of the most popular ever sold for remaining on its arranged list whilst the airplane carrier the music group was offering on was along the way of sinking. Handling not to affiliate bandleading with both battle and sinking boats, Dowell held his group entering the ’50s, but ultimately experienced the posting end of the business enterprise. His own composing credits consist of “Three Small Fishes.” He was in his past due sixties, and it had been also the past due ’60s, when doctors delivered him out to Az for his wellness.

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