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Satiro Bilhar

The need for Satiro Bilhar resides in his becoming among the first to utilize the violão (Brazilian classical guitar) like a solo instrument. After Ernani Figueiredo and Alfredo de Sousa Imenez passed away in 1917 and 1918 respectively, and as well as Brant Horta, Joaquim Francisco dos Santos (Quincas Laranjeiras), Mozart Bicalho, Melchior Cortez, and Heitor Villa-Lobos, amongst others, Bilhar was a pioneering author of items that contributed to determine the violão like a virtuosic and commendable instrument alone. Among his many compositions, the polka “Tira Poeira” was documented with the renowned virtuoso Jacob perform Bandolim and it is performed in the modern rodas de choro (choro get-togethers). Heitor Villa-Lobos, the largest classical author of Brazilian music, was a self-admitted admirer of Bilhar and Laranjeiras. The motivation for a lot of Villa-Lobos’s violão function (considered worldwide the main production from the classical guitar in the 20th hundred years) was within those early rodas de choro. The first chorões had been paid tribute with Villa-Lobos’ “Suíte Popular Brasileira,” created between 1908 and1912, having five actions: “Mazurka-choro,” “Schottisch-choro,” “Valsa-choro,” “Gavota-choro,” and “Chorinho.” Various other compositions compiled by Bilhar had been the lundu “Gosto de Ti por Que Gosto,” the modinhas “O Que Vejo Em Teus Olhos” and “As Ondas São Anjos Que Dormem Zero Mar” (which acquired lyrics by Catulo da Paixão Cearense), the choro “Tira a Poeira,” and “Estudo de Harpa” for violão. Da Paixão Cearense also devoted “Perdoa” (music by Anacleto de Medeiros) and a poem to Bilhar, his longtime friend. Regarding to commentaries of these times, he’d be the very best violonista (Brazilian classical guitar participant) of his period, regarding his pupil Lili São Paulo. What’s known for certain is certainly that he was a fun-loving, heavy-drinking Bohemian personality and telegraphist from the Railroad Central perform Brasil by job (he was effective predicated on his capability to telegraph using his pumps).

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