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Samson & Gert

A hit tv program in the Flemish-speaking area of Belgium, Samson & Gert was a children’s present developed by manufacturers Gert Verhulst, Danny Verbiest, and Hans Bourlon. The display debuted in the Christmas visit to 1989, and was quickly shifted into regular creation and transmitting in 1990. The display, starring Gert as himself (pretty much) and Verbiest as Samson, would continue to last for 16 years, finally arriving at an in depth in 2006. During its operate, Samson & Gert released approximately a Compact disc a year, furthermore to briskly offering DVD collections from the display. The show continued to be in the Flemish awareness following the end of its full-time operate, in yearly Xmas specials and the casual music video. In 2008, programs for any Samson & Gert full-length film were finally recognized, as well as the film — offering cameos from leading Belgian entertainers Resort op Stelten (Madhouse Resort) — is at theaters in March of this year.

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