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Sami Koivikko

Throughout 2001 and 2002, Finnish microhouse/experimental techno maker Sami Koivikko released a three-part group of 12″ singles for Shitkatapult along with a fourth for Festplatten, which were received warmly by club DJs. Both Triple R and Tobias Thomas included songs off these produces for their particular blend albums for Kompakt, which offered Koivikko some extra publicity before his full-length debut for Shitkatapult, 2003’s Salmiakki. Though his dark hues possess always positioned him within the business of Lawrence, Anders Ilar, and Sascha Funke’s early singles for Kompakt, Salmiakki was quite not the same as his prior productions, with thicker rhythms and key pad patters which were much less reliant on atmospheric, drawn-out records.

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