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This progressive rock duo from Seattle, USA, were formed in the late 60s by Al Linde (vocals) and Joe Tate (guitar). This eclectic device was completed with the addition of Artwork Resnick aka the united states of Arthur (keyboards), Artie McLean (bass) and Teddy Stewart (drums). The group, originally dubbed the Salvation Military Banned, later transferred south to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA where they truly became a favorite live appeal. The quintet after that bought a renovated school-bus and, having decorated it the essential psychedelic colors, travelled the united states playing wherever they can. Salvation showcased their divergent passions with extended workout routines, straight rock and roll, good-time music and humour. Rick Levin changed Stewart for Gypsy Carnival Caravan, but this second record lacked the attraction of its forerunner as well as the group split up immediately after its release.

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