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Sailboats Are White

The tiny city of Hamilton, Ontario, utilized to be known musically limited to homeboy Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan) and his Eno-influenced soundscapes. Recently, electronic new influx revival works like Manitoba (aka Caribou) as well as the Junior Guys have got recast the city’s picture. Hamilton’s Sailboats Are Light proceeds that retro-futuristic craze with a audio merging primitive synth sound comparable to Suicide and the first Human Group, the hectoring, talk-sing vocal design of the Fall’s Tag E. Smith (minus-uh Smith’s inimitable-uh stylistic quirks-uh, normally) along with a deceptive knack for catchy pop-punk hooks. Vocalist Kevin Douglas, guitarist and major songwriter Kevyn Wright, keyboardist Chris McInerny, and bassist Matt Bourassa shaped Sailboats Are Light in Hamilton in 2003; their lack of ability to discover a drummer resulted in the quartet executing to drum machine paths pre-programmed by Wright, that has termed the ensuing sound “digital unintentionally.” Sailboats Are White released their debut record, Turbo!, in the small Let’s Just HAVE A BLAST label, written by regional indie heavyweights Sonic Unyon, in 2005. After McInerny was changed by Joel Elliott in early 2006, Alan McGee’s Poptones label reissued Turbo! in Oct 2006.

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