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In early 1999, the Lancaster County noise rock group Eighteenandahalfminutegap arrived on Usenet groupings within advertisements for punk displays at places just like the Sweatshop in Allentown, PA. Upon dropping their drummer, the rest of the members experienced a lately band-less Angelo Madrigale and produced Sadaharu, the name which — based on the Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th Edition — is definitely that of a Japanese football player, 1st baseman for the Tokyo Giants, given birth to in 1940. His story was spawned when he strike 868 home works in 22 months, a lot more than Henry Aaron! Alongside Madrigale, the musical entity features Jeff Breil on vocals and acoustic guitar, Expenses Bennett on bass, as well as the drummer’s sibling Mike Madrigale on acoustic guitar (following the axeman for Eighteenandahalfminutegap also remaining, in cases like this for Portland, OR). Sadaharu started playing collectively in late Sept of 1999. Within 8 weeks of the re-formation, they performed inside a university city, Kutztown, PA, in the Basin Road Resort, where they do a brief four-song arranged — unsurprising because their debut disk is 22 . 5 minutes lengthy with six hard-hitting choices. This was documented after just four months collectively in early 2000, if they took a rest from touring. The effect, Consequence in Hi-Fi (subtitled “An Sound Boxing Match where the Listener May be the Loser”), is definitely well-taped noisy anger that arrived to the entire world at ON THE RIGHT TRACK Studios in East Stroudsburg, PA, with the help of Ryan Fenical and Jeremy E. Bentley and discovered its initial launch in June of 2000. In Feb of 2002, once again with Jeremy E. Bentley, the music group recorded materials for an area on half of a disc using the Sadaharu Matches Albert React Compact disc, released annually later on Feb 4, 2003 (the CI/Revelation Information label stated “it represents an enormous step of progress for the music group towards their current path”). The band’s website continued to say the material was created and documented during sessions where several tunes for the Anthem for New Sonic Warfare recording (also on CI/Revelation) had been put together. You can find jazz leanings, as publicized, but the music group is definitely many proficient assaulting the senses with power rock and roll that has cleverness working its method with the onslaught. In 2002 General Warning Information reissued the away from print original Abuse in Hi-Fi EP with brand-new artwork, remastered audio, and improved live footage, developing a document from the formative stage of the music group that’s perpetually on tour.

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