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Sá e Guarabyra

Sá e Guarabyra, who had previously developed their person careers, produced one style called rock and roll rural with Zé Rodrix. Rock and roll rural was a synthesis from the wish depicted in the American folk-rock from the ’60s with the truth of upcountry Brazil, even more particularly with música caipira (hillbilly music). The same mix that scandalized Bob Dylan’s supporters was also explored by them: electrical musical instruments and folk music. Amongst their biggest strikes, “Sobradinho,” “Sete Marias,” “Espanhola,” “Caçador de Mim,” “Cheiro Mineiro de Flor,” “Verdades e Mentiras,” “Dona,” and “Roque Santeiro.” In 1971, the trio Sá, Rodrix e Guarabyra was produced, marking the development of the rock and roll rural (at least its most common representative, for there have been various other counterparts popping in much less expressive expresses in the nationwide surroundings like Mato Grosso perform Sul). In 1973, with Rodrix’s departure, Sá and Guarabyra teamed up to create their duo, launching their initial LP, Nunca, that same season. “Sobradinho,” among their classics, emerged in 1977, in the praised Pirão de Peixe com Pimenta. Using the addition of “Roque Santeiro,” “Dona,” and “Verdades e Mentiras” within the soundtrack for the countrywide TV Globo’s extremely successful cleaning soap opera Roque Santeiro arrived the favorite consecration. After some time the rock and roll rural was substituted by a far more urban/modern/pop audio, which attracted industrial rings like Roupa Nova (who re-recorded “Dona”). Commemorating 15 years collectively, the duo toured Brazil in 1987, which yielded the live recording Quinze Anos Juntos. In 1997, they celebrated their 25 years of association with Rio-Bahia, which comprises different stages of this important duo. In 2001, a task with Rodrix re-approached rock and roll rural.

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