Not the normal breeding floor for rap music, Waco, TX, may be the house of maker and rapper S1 (that is brief for Symbolyc One). His soulful and imaginative beats can primarily be found assisting the rhymes of Tx underground trio the Unusual Fruit Project which he is an associate. The influential suppliers from whom he offers taken notes consist of Quincy Jones, Pete Rock and roll, and Jay Dee, but he owes his musical upbringing towards the chapel, where he discovered to try out the piano, drums, and keyboards. Before developing the Strange Fruits Project along with his cousin Misconception and friend Myone, S1 and Misconception had an organization known as Symbolyc Elementz within the mid-’90s, however the short-lived endeavor found no significant produces. S1’s work started receiving compliment when he teamed up with NJ beat-maker Illmind for the 2005 discharge The Art of 1 Mind, especially for their underground strike “Dairy ‘Em,” offering acclaimed MC Ghostface Killah. It helped established the stage for the Unusual Fruits Project’s 2006 follow-up, The Curing, which surpassed by way of a large margin the quantity of interest their 2004 debut, Spirit Travelin’, received.

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