S is the single task of Carissa’s Wierd guitarist and vocalist Jenn Ghetto. Hailing from sun-drenched Tucson, but surviving in the relatively wetter Seattle, Jenn Ghetto information as S nearly entirely on the four-track by itself in her bedroom. S provides us small rainy-day records and journal entries of heart-wrenching thoughts and personal encounters, all using a spaced-out lo-fi audio that recalls fellow Northwestern low-key indie rockers the Spinanes. Sadstyle, S’s debut, was documented from 1997 through 1999 and premiered on Brown Information in 2001. The Suicide Squeeze-issued Puking and Crying found its way to 2004, accompanied by I’m Much less Proficient at It as You this year 2010 as well as the Chris Walla-produced Great Options in 2014.

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