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S.E.S. had been the definitive Korean gal music group — the best-selling & most popular from the trio of Spice Gal supporters which also included FinKL and Baby Vox, and which created a commercial trend in J-pop and pass on to other ASIAN markets. These were a label-made group, identical to fellow boy music group H.O.T. — Lee Soo Man, the employer of SM Entertainment, discovered them both after researching the neighborhood teen market. The first ever to sign up for was the typically vocal trained Ocean aka Bada (Choi Sung Hee), who impressed Lee Soo Man with her performing; Eugene (Kim Yoo-jin) joined up with after sending her video from Guam, where her dad worked at that time, and Shoo (Yoo Soo-Young) joined up with after passing a typical audition. S.E.S. (the band’s name means from the associates’ brands) spent a calendar year in schooling (not only singing, but dance and granting interviews, as well) and debuted in 1997 using the record I’m YOUR GIRLFRIEND, whose product sales skyrocketed predicated on the achievement of its eponymous one, which highlighted Andy Lee and Eric Mun of guy music group Shinhwa. Their second record, Ocean & Eugene & Shoo fared no worse, and the 3rd one, Appreciate (1999), was a record-breaker — it marketed 700,000 copies, assisting it to be the top-selling record ever by a lady group in Korea. In 1998, S.E.S. also debuted in Japan with many singles accompanied by the recording TOUCH BASE (1999). It charted badly, but its follow-up, Primary (2000) do better, although S.E.S. under no circumstances broke to superstardom in Japan. The music group continuing their Korean earning streak with Notice from Greenland (2000), which spawned the effective strike Gamssa Aneumyeo, but at that time the strain over the group begun to present: Bada collapsed throughout a present after the discharge of Shock (2001), a couple of Korean addresses of their very own Japanese music. The group’s canceled campaigns hurt sales, however the record still shifted 350,000 systems. In 2001, Avex also re-released all their Korean albums in Japan under brand-new game titles, and in 2002, S.E.S. released two albums, Choose My Life-U and Friend, but that calendar year their agreement expired, as well as the music group divide — by shared consent from the associates, as it proved. Rumors of the reunion possess circulated since, peaking in 2006, but nothing at all came from it. Bada continuing as a single vocalist: her initial record do well, its follow-up was failing, but she retrieved in 2006 with the 3rd one. She also collaborated using the J-pop superstar Mika Nakashima. Eugene became a Television celebrity, playing in Save the final Dance and Great Life; she acquired two single albums aswell, however they didn’t offer. Shoo was the only person to remain on with SM Entertainment, however she basically quit pop music for stage musicals, the most known which was the Korean edition Bat Boy.

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