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Rufus Quillian

Rufus (b. 2 Feb 1900, Gainesville, Georgia, USA, d. 31 January 1946; piano, vocals) and Ben (b. 23 June 1907, Gainesville, Georgia, USA; vocals) worked in a variety of combinations, but mainly in an organization called the Blue Tranquility Kids. This group, which also included additional singers or music artists at various occasions, such as for example guitarist Wayne McCrary, was significant for the reason that the vocalists sang blues and related materials in nice, close harmonies. Ben had not been with them at their 1st recording program in 1929, but was present at classes in the next 2 yrs. The brothers had been popular as performers around Atlanta at the moment and had a normal spot on an area radio place. Although their materials on record was of the goodtime character, Rufus was also known for composing spiritual songs.

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