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Ruckus Roboticus

Ever the diligent record spelunker, Dayton, OH’s Ruckus Roboticus has found his niche by digging through the dustiest out-of-the-way thrift shop crates searching for underground kid-centric vinyl. Blending Sesame Road and Unwanted fat Albert with hip-hop breakbeats, he produces a whimsical, danceable mash-up of pop lifestyle and electro-funk, but unlike the similar-minded the Move! Team, who add a mixture of live instrumentation and examples, he relies totally on his tires of metal to scratch jointly his audio collages. Picking right up a set of turntables in 1998, Ruckus Roboticus began obsessively collecting information. Within a couple of years he had thousands of rarities and started using his newfound audio examples to puzzle-piece collectively a rough idea recording about a child who uses music to flee from your studies and tribulations of developing up. A semi-autographical undertaking, he buried himself in music for pretty much 2 yrs, and began rifling through his albums in 2004 to meticulously compose and combine down Using Scuff marks. As the record neared conclusion, he released many spin-offs, including an instrumental edition and another mix of Using Scratches, and a completely new mixture of children’ TV designs and pop examples known as The Music Machine. After the record was officially released in past due 2007 on Grease Information, he made a decision to have a break from perusing his record collection to try out the role of the producer, producing freelance beats for Nickelodeon, MTV, as well as the Disney Family Route, and remixing various other artist’s music including Bloc Party’s “Trying to find Witches”.

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