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Ronald Rubinel

Apart from Michel Alibo, there is absolutely no Antilles musician with an extended list of music qualifications, both live and in record, than Ronald Rubinel. He was a staple of touring Haitian rings within the 70s, who was simply heard adding uncommon key pad parts to soukous recordings by Loketo as well as the various other superstar Zairian rings. Within the Antilles, he was a cadence superstar within the ’70s along with a zouk superstar within the ’80s to today. He’s also the catalyst behind Martinique’s many interesting carnival creation of days gone by 2 yrs, Ethnikolor. Besides playing on almost as much zouk releases because the members from the Zouk Allstars, he provides released a small number of his very own recordings, always having a Who’s Who of Antilles superstars. Bal Boutche will be the best introduction.

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