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Robert Parsons

Robert Parsons contributed mightily towards the 1st generation of British Protestant composers, although only historical paperwork of his existence starts but 11 years before his loss of life. At Michelmas and Xmas of 1560, the Expert from the Royal Chapel certified payment from your Royal Exchequer to Parsons. His responsibilities, which probably have been going on for quite a while, likely involved teaching and “ushering” the young man sopranos from the Chapel; a few of Parsons’ British songs could even have been created for the kids’ involvement in the Elizabethan theatre. Parsons apparently requested, and achieved, a vacancy in the Chapel Royal itself in 1563; he was enrolled as an “epistoler” in Oct of that 12 months, and became a complete “Gentleman” from the Chapel in January 1564. Just three additional documentary traces of his existence survive. He was granted the Crown leases for three rectories near Lincoln in 1567, he wedded his wife Helen by November 1571, and the indegent man passed away in January 1572. It appears he was on the trip to recruit fresh choirboys for the Chapel Royal, experienced a major accident of some kind, and drowned in the River Trent at Newark. Some proof for his previously career surfaces from your extant musical compositions. Certainly much like British music artists of his period (and ours), he grew up steeped in the music from the church. A few of his first compositions, like those of Thomas Tallis, will need to have appropriate the Catholic Chapel of Queen Mary. Also like Tallis, Parsons continuing to create some Latin-texted music after Elizabeth I came back England towards the Protestant beliefs. A few of these also claim that Parsons himself may possess continued to be Catholic in his very own center, though he also composed Anglican program music and courtly instrumental entertainments. The youthful William Byrd may possess known Parsons in Lincoln, and had taken his very put in place the Chapel Royal.

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