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Robert Johnson

The name Robert Johnson is connected with legends of offers made out of Satan himself. One of the professional drummers who talk about what is an exceptionally common name in musical circles, Robert Johnson developed his excellent drum sound without resorting to supernatural pacts. He also couldn’t possess made any offers involving eternal existence, succumbing to malignancy in the ’80s when he wasn’t very much more than 30. If he previously died ten years or perhaps a half-a-decade previously, it would have already been larger information — such may be the fickle character of pop music. In the ’70s, disco was one of the primary fads and Johnson have been main in setting up the defeat for the popular KC & sunlight Music group. The group arrived of Florida with very much local talent included. Johnson was created in Miami, while songwriter Harry Wayne “K.C.” Casey hailed from Hialeah. Guitarist Jerome Smith and trumpeter Ronnie Smith had been also denizens of circumstances that would ultimately become better-known for dangling chads than musical Smiths. Politics of any type was hardly the idea when it found hits such as for example “Blow Your Whistle” (not really about corporate and business watchdogs), or “GET IT DONE Great” (not really about prosecuting white training collar crooks). By enough time “(Tremble, Tremble, Tremble) Tremble Your Booty” arrived around, Johnson was the just drummer besides Ringo Starr to possess performed on three chart-topping strikes during twelve months. His affects included jazz aswell as the anticipated allegiance to Adam Brown. Using a name like Robert Johnson, a nickname will be a requirement, which drummer’s was “Shotgun,” immortalized on dance flooring with an instrumental entitled “Shotgun Shuffle.” This isn’t the same Robert Johnson who used jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery and his brothers in the ’50s — not really unless he was just two-years-old at that time.

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