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Robert Henke

Maker Robert Henke is way better referred to as one-half of Monolake, the favorite minimal techno group connected with Berlin’s String Response label. While that task has taken Henke even more notoriety, his most progressed and studied function to date offers appeared eponymously, by himself Imbalance Pc Music label. Forsaking, generally, the rhythmic pulse of Monolake, single releases such as for example Piercing Music and Floating.Stage have centered on the expressive capability of wholly digitally produced sonic conditions, merging crashing waves of FM synthesis with minor clicks, buzzes, drones, and thin, computer-bred sound. Closely linked to the comparitively even more esoteric functions of educational composers such as for example Francois Bayle, John Chowning, and Bernard Parmegiani (who quantity among his major affects), Henke’s single work combines visual areas of electro-acoustic and acousmatic musics using the much less aggravated atmospheres of ambient and experimental post-techno, including him among such business as Terre Thaemlitz, Kim Cascone, and Oval.

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