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Robert Hampson

Best known because the founding member and guitarist of Loop, Robert Hampson’s later on body of function moved from shoegaze and into experimental territories. After Loop’s third and last recording, they disbanded in 1990 and Hampson briefly packed a vacancy in Godflesh — touring and adding to their 1992 recording Pure. Following a brief stint, he grew sick and tired of existence on the highway and left to create Primary with fellow Loop member Scott Dawson. As Primary became continually even more inherently digital and acoustic compared to the distortion-heavy Loop, the duo developed into a single task for Hampson, as he ultimately set down your guitar completely and became infatuated with field documenting and abstract noises. Following the departure of Scott Dawson in the summertime of 1996, Hampson continuing to focus on Primary only, alternating between that task and collaborations with Jim O’Rourke for the Indicate recording Whelm as well as the Organum albums Sphyx and Veil of Tears. In ’09 2009, Hampson released the three-song, 50-minute lengthy Vector recording under his personal name for Contact Records, which instantly became probably one of the most sprawling, ambient functions of his profession.

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