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Robag Wruhme

A prolific, beloved person in the German techno community, Jena-based manufacturer/DJ Gabor Schablitzki released a broad range of EPs through the entire later ’90s and 2000s as DJ Robag, Pass away Dub Rolle, Machiste, Themroc, Rolf Oksen, and, mostly, Robag Wruhme. As the 2005 Wruhme record Wuzzelbud KK, released on Musik Krause, was a couple of predominantly all-new paths, it supplied something of the gateway into Schablitzki’s function, offering not only streamlined techno that clicked, roiled, and wobbled, but downtempo hip-hop aswell. An alliance with Sören Bodner was dubbed the Wighnomy Brothers; both DJ’d beneath the name, and Schablitzki utilized the alias as an wall socket for a few of his most widely used productions — alternately foreboding and rollicking paths like “Wurz + Blosse” (Kompakt Extra, 2004), “Wombat” (Kompakt Extra, 2005), and “Moppal Kiff” (Freude Am Tanzen, 2006). Beneath the Wighnomy name, Schablitzki released Metawuffmischfelge (Freude Am Tanzen, Apr 2008), an elaborately split mix of modern minimal techno. He implemented it with Wuppdeckmishmampflow (Kompakt, January 2011), a comparatively subdued established. Another mixed established, Olgamikks (Natchtdigital, August 2012), showcased a few of Wruhme’s remix function.

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