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The southwestern Japanese island of Okinawa, a humid and mountainous region situated between your Pacific Ocean as well as the East China Sea, houses more than a million people. Credited in great component to its physical closeness to Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan, and Japan – in addition to its comprehensive post WWII connection with america – Okinawan lifestyle is a distinctive amalgam where one views the influence of several diverse traditions. Of most Okinawan artwork forms, this original diversity could very well be most obviously shown within the island’s music, which attracts upon musical sensibilities from Polynesia, Southeast Asia, the U.S., and China. The preeminent Okinawan well-known group the Rinken Music group keeps its ties to the unique cultural variety while upgrading its sound for today’s well-known music viewers. Formative origins for the Rinken Band had been founded in 1977 by means of a back-up music group for Nenes’ maker, Sadao China. The users of the early group trapped together, produced a music group of their very own, and eventually obtained notoriety across Okinawa in 1985 making use of their strike track Arigato. Rinken Music group has continued to get both nationwide and international acknowledgement through their many recordings and live shows. Stylistically speaking, the Rinken Music group fuses music from your Okinawan Ei-sa event (like the Japanese Bon Odori), min’yo (a normal Okinawan design of track with an extended custom), and upbeat pop tunes. Vocalist Tomoko Uehara, who comes with an ethereal tone of voice that efficiently swings in and out of croon-like falsetto melodies, is definitely featured on lots of the band’s calming ballads. Alongside Tomoko Uehara, who also takes on Okinawan drums, sanbas (castinets), as well as the sanshin (an Okinawan three-stringed plucked lute having a snakeskin mind), will be the band’s six additional users: Yosimi Kuwae (vocals and Okinawan drums), Katsunori Inafuku (vocals and Okinawan drums), Toyoharu Ookawa (vocals and Okinawan drums), Kazunari Uechi (drumset, Okinawan drums, and sanshin), Akira Uehara (bass), Kiyohito Yamakawa (keyboards), and Rinken Music group leader/creator,Teruya Rinken (electrical and acoustic sanshins). With more than 30 years of encounter as an ensemble and over twelve recording from the marketplace, the Rinken Music group sticks out as both world-class musical innovators and worldwide ambassadors of Okinawa’s exclusive cultural heritage.

Quick Facts

Full Name Rinken Band
Music Songs Nenjuu Kousetsu, Gusjuuzi Sabira, Kugani Michibushi, Kanpai Sabira, Arigato, Haru Deemun, Katemun, Chura Dyura, Funayare, Giitubi Dooi, Murika Mutibushi, HISU HISU KARU KARU, FUKURASHA, Arinkurin, OHRU, Icha Ibusa, Nindaran, Chimujurasa Amiagainu Hananu Gutou, Urakaji, Tinnukagan, Chimu Ni Kakatei, MedetaiMedetai, Muraichiban No Happyjoy, Naminuhana, Fehnutyn, Shimaju Shichiguwachi, Thinchi, Shinasaki, Kariyushi Doh, Appi Hei, Uguwanbusuku, Beru Beru
Albums CHEREN, Nifee, Ajimah, Hitotsuboshi, Mantinnu Yurukubi, Kalahai, Nachinufa, gon gon, Rinken Band, Bnaji, Rikka, PARTY (RINKEN BAND BEST)

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