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Rikki & The Red Streaks

Liverpool’s premier classical guitarist, Brendan McCormack (b. 23 Sept 1944, Liverpool, Britain) started his musical profession playing Chuck Berry licks in the defeat group, Rikki AS WELL AS THE Crimson Streaks. The business lead vocalist, Patrick Clusky, was Rikki as well as the group’s name was a nod towards the Blue Streak missile. Rikki AS WELL AS THE Red Streaks performed the Cavern and had been featured in the famed present in north Liverpool when the Beatles had been billed as ‘Direct From Hamburg’. The group dropped out using their lead vocalist and McCormack, Gibson Kemp and John Bancroft became the Memphis Three without him. Nevertheless, the name lingered in Paul McCartney’s brain as he and Linda released a single beneath the name of Suzy AS WELL AS THE Crimson Stripes. He also accepted within a tv interview that he’d have been content simply playing the night clubs as Rikki AS WELL AS THE Red Streaks. Currently McCormack frequently features McCartney’s music in his repertoire.

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