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Richard Collins

The assortment of insulting jokes about singers circulating might create the impression that virtually any additional occupation would command more respect. For Richard Collins it really is definitely accurate that the general public discovers him even more intimidating in his work like a Washington, D.C., officer than in his night hobbying like a vocal-group member. Lest anyone not really understand the bond, Collins sings specifically with additional lawmen in an organization that is known as both Doo Wop Cops and D.C.’s Finest. It’s the immediate opposing of gangsta rap, and several a lover of the second option genre utilized to its ironic, deadpan laughter has unwittingly tested the Doo Wop Cops in wish how the group can be satirical. Which it is not, creating a serious mixture of dark vocal stylings which has produced interest far beyond the amount of novelty, judging from bookings at locations like the Kennedy Middle, Constitution Hall, the Warner Theatre, the National Theatre, as well as the Apollo. The group can be pleased with having performed on-stage with Stevie Question and has opened up a number of displays featuring touring celebrities. Collins and affiliates did a particular efficiency to inaugurate the starting from the Buffalo Soldier Monument in Fort Levenworth, KS, in 1992. The group also will keep busy having a circular of benefits for universities, hospitals, and additional charities. When performing for school kids, the Doo Wop Cops exceed mere performance and be involved in dialogue using the learners, becoming, in place, singing counselors aswell as performing cops. Other associates from the ensemble consist of Ron Jones, Avon Barbour, Joe Herndon, Deane Larkins, and Reamer Shedrick.

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