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Reverend Bob Harrington

Nicknamed “the Chaplain of Bourbon Road,” evangelist Reverend Bob Harrington was in charge of some spoken term albums from the ’50s. Even though actually some types of sinners prefer to purchase these albums exclusively for camp charm, used record shop owners may likely contemplate it an work of divine treatment had been they to online even three dollars per copy because of this stuff. Game titles include the positive Fun Becoming Saved as well as the even more positive Marriage Repair Package. Producers, a few of them turntable spinners, possess used this materials in the framework of alternative rock and roll and experimental music. Not really everyone is ready to credit the nice Reverend, but one group that do is definitely Lutefisk of LA, an ensemble called after a Norwegian dish manufactured from cod or ling soaked in lye. Centered out of Tx, Harrington is constantly on the follow what he feels are poor influences in culture, lately Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

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