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Brighton graffiti designer/maker Req in a few respects embodies the clichés of Uk underground golf club music: zero formal musical teaching whatsoever; a youngsters spent tagging, DJing, and breakdancing within the wake from the first influx of hip-hop tradition going to the U.K.; a knack for pressing received creative sensibilities with their breaking stage and discovering exciting fresh directions planned. Req’s music, nevertheless, is barely clichéd, merging a warped, abstract method of sampled breaks having a knack for extracting a haunting moodiness from even probably the most minimal of digital and sampledelic soundscapes. Among the U.K.’s esteemed graffiti performers, Req began composing in 1984, following the Defeat Road tour hyped his senses to the essential tenets of hip-hop. Although he just began producing music by enough time he was into his past due twenties, Req’s years spent bedroom DJing processed his instinct for effective structure, an art which will compensate for his music’s relatively limited sonic palette. Req’s debut for esoteric beat-head imprint Skint (house also to Fatboy Slim and Bentley Tempo Ace) was his Backyard EP, four paths of breathy down-tempo hip-hop like the breakbeat abstractions of DJ Krush and DJ Cam. With mentioned affects spanning from early Detroit techno and old-school hip-hop, towards the Dark Dog, Req’s paths tend to be more stylistically rooted within the Mo’Wax/Glass of Tea camp, stripping hip-hop of its extraneous components and concentrating on the bass, the beats, as well as the atmosphere around them. Req:One, his debut Skint full-length (with wraparound cover exhibiting a mural of his artwork), premiered in 1997, and was praised extremely by everyone from Coldcut towards the Wire.

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