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Republika became perhaps one of the most primary Polish bands because of their particular, anti-rock & move black-and-white picture. Their brand-new wave-inspired music and lyrics, both catchy and poetic, tracked out a way to the Polish rock and roll pantheon. Republika debuted at a fresh wave rings review in Torun in November 1981. In June 1982 the music group, comprising Pawel Kuczynski (bass), Zbigniew Krzywanski (electric guitar), Slawomir Ciesielski (drums), and Grzegorz Ciechowski (vocal, piano, flute) started a three-month documenting session, which led to the traditional 1983 record Nowe Sytuacje. Within a calendar year, Republika documented Nieustanne Tango, that was a reasonable expansion from the musical tips they’d established on the debut. The music group also released an English-language record, the Orwellian bell ringer entitled 1984. Because of intrinsic quarrels, Republika disbanded in summer months 1986. Grzegorz Ciechowski kicked off a single career beneath the Obywatel G.C. moniker; Kuczynski, Krzywanski and Ciesielski, along with vocalist Robert Gawlinski founded the music group Opera. Using unreleased Republika music sketches, Ciechowski released a single recording, Obywatel G.C., in 1986. His debut was an creative success instead of commercial one; nevertheless his 1988 sophomore work, Tak! Tak! was a blockbuster. In 1990, a concert in Opole acted like a catalyst for Republika’s reunion. Just Kuczynski refused the proposition, in order a trio, the music group issued their return album, 1991, that was a compilation of their well-known but rearranged tracks. Kuczynski was changed by Leszek Biolik, with whom Ciechowski, Krzywanski, and Ciesielski completed recording the ultimate Obywatel G.C. recording entitled Obywatel Swiata. In 1993, the 1st live unplugged recording Bez Pradu premiered. The same yr Republika documented the recording Siodma Pieczec, which displayed a fairly acoustic countenance, with keyboards and samplers changed by Hammond or Rhodes piano. In 1995, they released rather pop-sounding recording, Republika Marzen. Grzegorz Ciechowski’s unexpected cardiac loss of life on Dec 22, 2001 interrupted creation of another Republika recording. Four finished paths along with 15 live tracks comprised a double-CD basically titled Republika.

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