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Remmy Ongala

A few of the most exciting noises in Africa have already been developed by Zaire-born and Dar El Salaam-based guitarist and vocalist Remmy Ongala and his seven-piece music group, Orchestra Super Matimila. Fusing the melodic get of Soukous, East African electric guitar designs, and Tanzanian rhythms, Ongala as well as the group accomplish their objective of inspiring viewers making use of their intellectual dance music. While his music concentrate on poverty, injustice, loss of life, AIDS, governmental problem, and romantic interest, Ongala uses his melodic electric guitar playing and soulful vocals to business lead Orchestra Super Matimila via an connection with infectious rhythms. Delivered within the Kivu area of eastern Zaire, Ongala originally attracted interest as drummer and vocalist for the rumba music group Bantu Success. Departing the group, in 1966, he committed 2 yrs to his family members before time for music being a guitarist. Being a sideman, he caused such Zairian rings as Achievement Mwachame, Mickey Jazz, and Grand Mike Jazz. Departing Zaire, in 1968, he recognized employment with Dar Un Salaam-based Soukous music group, Orchestra Makassy. Starting his solo profession in 1980, Ongala became a member of Orchestra Matamila, an organization that highlighted four guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, along with a horn portion of saxophone and trumpet. Within several months, Ongala acquired end up being the group’s head. The very first two albums documented under Ongala’s guidance — Mambo and Music For THE INDEGENT Man — had been documented during Documenting Week at Peter Gabriel’s REAL LIFE studios. Ongala and Orchestra Super Matamila’s 1997 record, Sema, included monitors that were documented in Sweden and the uk in 1994 and 1995, respectively, and monitors documented at Radio Tanzania in 1984. By June 2000, Orchestra Super Matamila features Basil Osenga Ipopoliop (single electric guitar), Lawrence Chuki Limbanga (drums), Kapepula Mukundi (bass electric guitar), Ayas Ayas Hasani (tempo electric guitar), and Kawele Multimanwa (tempo and single guitars).

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