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Reginald de Koven

b. Henry Louis Reginald DeKoven, 3 Apr 1859, Middletown, Connecticut, USA, d. 16 January 1920, Chicago, Illinois, USA. When he was still a kid, DeKoven’s family shifted to Britain. After graduating from St. John’s University, Oxford, in 1879, he researched music in Western european conservatories numerous leading tutors of your day, including Franz Von Suppé and Frederick Delibes. Time for America in 1882, he proved helpful to get a Chicago brokerage company, then opened up a rewarding dry-goods store. Using the economic stability he today enjoyed, he constructed an opera, The Begum (1888). The librettist because of this was Harry B. Smith plus they collaborated once again on Don Quixote (1889). Following the extremely effective Robin Hood (1891), another three decades noticed DeKoven writing many operas and operettas, most of them with Smith, like the Fencing Get good at, Rob Roy, The Highwayman, Maid Marian, Crimson Feather and THE WONDER Place. DeKoven was music critic for Chicago’s Evening Post, Harper’s Regular and New York’s Globe. His profession spanned the time where American musical theater remained seriously indebted towards the Western european custom of operetta. Essential though he was being a author of music for the American theater, DeKoven’s function was eventually overshadowed by his successors who had written in a fresh style. Handful of his operas and operettas have already been revived and his popularity rests in the significant success he liked in his life time. Curiously, and nearly without parallel before or since, a tune compiled by DeKoven with Clement Scott for Robin Hood, discovered favour in the sacred globe. This tune, ‘Oh, Guarantee Me’, has stayed performed throughout America and the united kingdom, frequently in churches with maybe the majority of its performers and admirers unacquainted with its secular roots. Oddly, and a mite awkwardly and unsuitably, DeKoven’s name also lives on in the lyric of the Hoagy Carmichael track, ‘The Aged Music Grasp’, wherein it really is rhymed with Beethoven. Furthermore to his operettas, DeKoven also made up piano sonatas and additional classical functions, and was creator and 1st conductor from the Washington DC Symphony Orchestra.

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