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Raw Deal

Confusingly, there have been at least three different bands called Raw Deal making the rounds in the brand new Wave of Uk ROCK underground in the first ’80s, and most of them fared similarly miserably. This Offer presented Rob Childs (vocals/acoustic guitar), Paul Reynolds (acoustic guitar), Brian Smith (acoustic guitar), Ade Jones and Steve Richardson (drums), and hailed from Kent, where they may be rumored to possess formed as soon as 1978, and struggled combined with the large amount of the era’s underappreciated rock bands until becoming spotted by the tiny independent White colored Witch label. The label quickly hustled Deal right into a studio room for garbage-time documenting sessions, which became this ordeal that this studio room crew’s much-relieved cheering could possibly be heard towards the finish of a track called “Cut That beats all others”; that track was eventually chosen for 1981’s Kent Stones compilation. Fortunately, the same classes also spawned what would become Natural Deal’s only solitary, “Out of My Mind” (b/w “I’m in the Disposition”), released by Light Witch afterwards that year, following the music group had split up.

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