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The musicians connected with Belarus-based avant chamber ensemble Rational Diet plan started playing together in the town of Brest, in the country’s eastern border with Poland, in 1996. Significantly influenced with the Western european Rock and roll in Opposition picture, they primarily performed music as accompaniment to experimental movies and movie theater productions, but by the next year made a decision to collaborate as composers and performers of experimental music and chamber rock and roll beneath the Rational Diet plan name. The ensemble performed concerts at different places across Belarus, and released its first documenting, From the Gray Notebook, on cassette in 1999; the documenting presented suite-like structures managing structure, improvisation, and sound, with recitations from the task of avant-garde poets from your Stalin-era Soviet Union, notably The Gray Notebook of Alexander Vvedensky, a Russian poet caught for counterrevolutionary activity in 1941 and who passed away while on the way to exile. Thematic components were made up by guitarist Maxim Velvetov, as well as the lineup presented several musicians who be noticed on long term Rational Diet plan releases, furthermore to Velvetov including reedman Vitaly Appow, bassist Dimitry Maslovsky, and drummer Nikolay “Gumberg” Semitko. Relocating to Minsk, Rational Diet plan underwent several personnel adjustments, the group’s regular membership now including college students from the Minsk Conservatory of Music. With instrumentation including violin, cello, reeds, accordion, and acoustic guitar — and momentarily no bass or drums — the group documented the 2003 recording The Shameless, including compositions by Appow and violinist Kirill Krystia, extra musical accompaniment to text messages by Soviet-era avant-gardists, and chant-singing — later on described from the music group as “pseudo-folk” — by visitor vocalist Maria Lagodich. The music of Rational Diet plan became open to a wider target audience through AltrOck, an RIO/avant-prog-oriented imprint located in Italy. In 2007, AltrOck released the group’s eponymous debut recording for the label; the record highlighted paths from both Through the Grey Notebook as well as the Shameless. AltrOck continuing its support for Rational Diet plan by issuing the 2008 record At Work. Documented over four a few months in 2007 with a septet lineup offering Appow (bassoon, saxophone), Velvetov (electric guitar), Krystia (violin), Maslovsky (bass), and Semitko (drums), aswell as brand-new people Olga Podgaiskaja (keyboards, vocals) and Anna Ovchinnikova (cello), the record continued to pull impact from such RIO rings as Univers No, Present, and Henry Cow and in addition — regarding Podgaiskaja’s performing — traditional operatic and artwork song customs. The music group now highlighted five composers: Krystia, Appow, Velvetov, Podgaiskaja, and Ovchinnikova. AltrOck released the 3rd Rational Diet plan Compact disc, On Phenomena and Existences, this year 2010. The record, documented between August 2008 and June 2010, discovered the group’s lineup unchanged from AT THE JOB. Even though the bandmembers documented their parts individually over nearly 2 yrs, the composing and playing continued to be at a higher level of class. Probably a divergence in compositional design was needs to become obvious, however; apart from the starting “Sleep Is certainly Teasing a guy” constructed by Appow, the rest of the 13 comparatively brief tracks (which range from about a minute to a little less than six mins long) were constructed by either Krystia or Podgaiskaja, using the previous occasionally tending toward a spikier, rockier, even more abrupt compositional design and the second option leaning a little more highly toward modern traditional chamber music and from rock and roll. Lyrics sung by Podgaiskaja had been produced from Soviet-suppressed books and writers, including Alexander Vvedensky. Rational Diet plan would get involved in another documenting task in 2011, collaborating with Belorussian poet Andrej Khadanovich with an recording/audiobook entitled Milosz pa Bialorusku (Milosz in Belorussian), where the group offered musical accompaniment to readings from your functions of Nobel Prize-winning Polish poet and writer Czeslaw Milosz. Early that 12 months, the ensemble also done the soundtrack for any perform entitled Bondman’s Wings, offered by an experimental theatre troupe in Brest. Provided the introduction of Podgaiskaja and Krystia as Rational Diet’s primary composers on On Phenomena and Existences, and both musicians’ relatively divergent compositional designs, perhaps Rational Diet plan was being taken in opposing directions, however in any case the group’s 2011 tasks apparently finished the work, because the music group ultimately split up and two fresh groups, Five-Storey Outfit as well as the Archestra, surfaced in its place. Five-Storey Outfit, an 11-piece aggregation including Podgaiskaja, Appow, Maslovsky, and Semitko aswell as members from the Minsk-based quartet Fratrez, documented its debut disk, Not really That Town, between January 2011 and Feb 2012; released by AltrOck in Feb 2013, the record generally features Podgaiskaja compositions within a chamber traditional as well as operatic design (with several parts by Appow) and contains lyrics by Alexander Vvedensky on three monitors. Oddly enough, Kirill Krystia shows up as a visitor on Not really That Town, as will his wife, Nadia, a vocalist, violinist, and cellist. Kirill Krystia composes the music from the knottier, even more electric powered and rockish Archestra, which prominently features Nadia Krystia’s performing and whose associates likewise incorporate Appow and Semitko. Arches, the debut disk with the Archestra, appeared as the inaugural discharge from the Soleil Mutant offshoot from the French Soleil Zeuhl label the month after Not really That Town was released by AltrOck.

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