Musically adept, relentlessly inventive, and fiercely independent, tenacious, shape-shifting really difficult rockers Ra formed in the later 1990s throughout the abilities of vocalist Sahaj Ticotin, drummer Skoota Warner, bassist Kirk Lyons, and guitarist Ben Muaro. Supplying up a heady mixture of hard rock and roll, funk, nu-metal, and middle eastern-tinged intensifying rock and roll, the band have scored a minor strike with their initial single, “Crazy Small Voices,” which made an appearance on the end game titles from the 1999 horror film The Trend: Carrie 2. The music group’s 2000 debut EP, One, arrived them a cope with Universal, leading to 2002’s well-received, hard-hitting IN ONE, which highlighted the singles “Perform You Contact My Name” and “Rectifier.” 2005’s Duality introduced a far more streamlined and melodic audio, an esthetic which the music group continued to mine in following long-players like Dark Sun (2008), Dark Sheep (2009), and Vital Mass (2013), all 3 of which had been issued in Ticotin’s very own Sahaja Music Information.

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