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Heading by his surname, London-based producer Oscar Powell documents abrasive, distorted experimental techno that presents a biting love of life and an irreverent attitude toward the conventions of golf club music. He’s affected by ’80s post-punk and commercial (especially acts such as for example Suicide as well as the Fall) aswell as English hardcore techno and drum’n’bass, and he prefers using gritty guitars and primitive drums in his songs rather than weighty, swinging basslines. His unconventional recordings possess earned very much acclaim from your underground music press, and he’s accomplished a great deal of notoriety because of his confrontational DJ units aswell as his correspondence with famous indie rock and roll musician/documenting engineer Steve Albini. Powell co-founded Diagonal with Jaime Williams in 2011. The label’s 1st releases had been Powell’s EPs The Ongoing Need for Metal & Flesh and Body Music, and produces accompanied by similar-minded performers such as for example Shit & Sparkle and Prostitutes. Diagonal quickly joined the rates of well-regarded experimental brands such as Skillet and Editions Mego, and Powell released EPs on extra labels such as for example Liberation Technologies as well as the Loss of life of Rave in 2013. Following a 2014 launch of Golf club Music aswell as its remix EP, Powell put together his 1st four years’ well worth of EPs onto the dual Compact disc 11-14. In 2015, Powell agreed upon to XL and released the one “Sylvester Stallone.” This is accompanied by “Insomniac,” which highlighted an example of Steve Albini presenting a song throughout a gig by his music group Big Dark. Powell approached Albini via email to be able to obvious the test, and Albini responded by expressing his hatred for digital dance music. Albini informed Powell that he could test whatever he desired, which he wasn’t thinking about hearing it. XL bought a billboard in London and imprinted Albini’s email onto it, leading to a little bit of an uproar among music followers. Powell asked if he might use the correspondence in the track’s video, to which Albini replied “still don’t treatment.” In 2016, Powell toured THE UNITED STATES with Not really Waving and Russell Haswell in special event of Diagonal’s 5th wedding anniversary. He also released the 12″ solitary Frankie + Jonny, which preceded his full-length debut, Sport.

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