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Austrian producer Gerhard Potuznik is among the most accomplished and prolific producers connected with Vienna’s Cheap, Morbid, and Sabotage family. An on-again/off-again person in electro/techno/experimental pop organizations Personal Lightning Six and Mause, he’s spent a lot of his profession liberating music as Potuznik and Gerhard Deluxxe. His 1st EP, “Up North THEY MAY BE Free,” made an appearance on Cheap in 1996, and included mostly strange techno and breakbeat fusions accentuated by items of disco, funk, and acidity. You start with the “Deluxe” EP in 1997, nevertheless, Potuznik’s weirdness element got a large boost. Combining unusual instrumental and acousmatic examples in a platform of mid-tempo electro and ’80s revivalist techno-pop, “Deluxe” was leaps and bounds beyond both his earlier material and far from the dirgy downtempo that Vienna was getting known for during its launch. “Spiral Architect” made an appearance on Sabotage sublabel Art in 1998, and mined jungle’s trendy rhythms, though with decidedly experimental aplomb. His debut LP under his personal name, Amore Motore (Autobahn), made an appearance on Mego that same yr. A stripped-down vamp using one of Kraftwerk’s most well-known songs, the recording was a mainly negligible assortment of basic drumbox rhythms with pop overtones. Carrying out a couple of compilation paths, Potuznik’s finest function to day, Concorde, made an appearance on Cheap in early 1999. An extended release of Concorde gained American distribution by the finish of the entire year.

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