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The vocal quartet-plus-pianist ensemble Pot-Pourri has performed considerably above the shores of its real estate, Australia. They have made 40 abroad trips, as a long way away as Italy as well as the U.S., to provide lively applications that combine everything from opera arias to familiar pop tunes. It regularly customizes its applications to match the target audience or location, with specific applications of simply cabaret or Broadway music, one for kids, and one where in fact the vocalists talk about the stage with circus acrobats. The group arrived collectively in 1987, with two from the founding users, soprano Tania de Jong and baritone Jonathan Morton, still with it because of its 25th anniversary in 2012. Its seventh recording, Sterling silver, released for the wedding anniversary, is an ideal exemplory case of its applications. It contains tunes by Édith Piaf, Sting, Tom Lehrer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Chopin, Puccini, and even more.

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