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It came like a shock to nobody that Placement Normal’s Chris Bailiff and John Cushway were former artwork college students — you couldn’t show if their found-sound, cut-and-paste collages were the consequence of too many medicines or perhaps a complete absence thereof. Their 1999 debut, Quit Your Nonsense, discovered release within the U.K. through Brain Horizon and captured several critics pleasantly off-guard, getting the recording on many year’s-end greatest lists. The goofs of PN baffled their little audience with mainly sample-based excursions to their regularly hilarious and frequently terrifying netherworld, riddled with fun house-style deranged children’s music and psychedelic dabs of acoustic guitar and unusual percussion — think about a British edition of The Electric powered Company attended hell. In 2001, Bailiff and Cushway came back having a self-released album.

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