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Polly Paulusma

United kingdom singer/songwriter Polly Paulusma began her musical career — with reluctance — by method of childhood piano lessons. By age ten, she got co-opted the melody of the Paul McCartney music and substituted her personal lyrics. Though it had been Paulusma’s 1st songwriting effort, it could not become her last. Influenced from the “baggy” music picture of the first ’90s, in addition to performers Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake, a right now teenaged Paulusma discovered guitar and started performing for close friends at college. She began composing her own music, but place this activity on keep while attending university. (She did continue steadily to perform simply because a member of the soul-funk cover music group.) After graduation, Paulusma resumed executing her own materials, but just as a spare time activity — confident that she cannot make a profession with her music, she attempted a variety of ventures, including time for college to earn a Ph.D. (she fell out after one term), functioning being a researcher on the BBC Globe Service, and putting a book manuscript using a literary agent. Nevertheless, none of the activities had been as satisfying as her music; by enough time she was asked to sing support vocals for the Ben & Jason record Ten Songs Approximately You, she acquired decided to go back to music full-time. After 2 yrs of playing single acoustic gigs, she released her 1st album, Scissors in my own Pocket, in 2004. Unfortunately, her exhilaration over her debut will be lower short only two weeks following its launch — while touring to get the recording, Paulusma experienced the to begin two miscarriages. The deficits brought her near abandoning music completely, but rather she channeled her sorrow into songwriting. While documenting her second recording, Paulusma found that she was pregnant once more, and in November 2006 she offered birth to some daughter. Fingertips & Thumbs premiered in 2007.

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