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Pietro Yon

Pietro Yon made his living generally seeing that an organist and instructor, but is remembered today for his sacred music for the Roman Catholic Cathedral. He is, actually, being among the most essential American composers of sacred music for the Catholic Cathedral in the initial half from the twentieth hundred years. Yon’s body organ music, too, a lot of it spiritual in nature, in addition has endured over time. Overall, Yon’s result was significant and included 21 public, many motets, and different other sacred functions, solo body organ and piano parts, music, chamber, and orchestral compositions, including many concertos. His best-known function by far is certainly his 1917 Xmas hymn Gesu Bambino (Baby Jesus). As recommended above, a good variety of his body organ pieces regularly come in recitals and on recordings, included in this the Humoresque and Toccatina for Flutes from L’organo primitive (1918) and Natalie in Sicilia (1912). Yon was being among the most essential body organ teachers in the brand new York region during his life time: among his learners was composer Paul Creston. Pietro Yon was created in the Italian city of Settimo Vittone (near Turin) on August 8, 1886. His old sibling, St. Constantino, was also musically talented and appears to have experienced an impact on youthful Pietro. Pietro analyzed in the music conservatories in Milan and Turin, and he received his last teaching at Rome’s exclusive Accademia di Santa Cecilia. After his 1905 graduation Yon offered among the regular Vatican organists and in addition played in the San Pietro Basilica under Remigio Renzi. Following a business lead of his sibling, Yon resolved in NY in 1907, where Constantino was organist at St. Vincent Ferrer Chapel. That yr, Pietro Yon was appointed organist at St. Francis Xavier Chapel. He kept the post until 1926, generating the majority of his best-known functions (like the three mentioned previously) and learning to be a U.S. resident (1921). Yon approved the desired post of organist at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1927 and kept the positioning up to his loss of life. He’d also provide as choir movie director for a lot of his period there. While Yon was occupied both as an organist and composer during his American years, he also discovered period to give regular recitals. Typically, he performed his applications from memory, creating a precedent in this respect among NY organists active at that time. Yon passed away in Huntington, NY, on November 22, 1943.

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