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Pierre van Maldere

Truck Maldere was a composer who wrote in the genres from the comic opera, instrumental solos and trio sonatas for the violin and approximately forty different symphonies. He previously researched the violin wih Fiocco and de Croes. He frequently performed for the royal chapel at Brussels as he was a preferred of Prince Charles of Lorraine and truck Maldere was appointed towards the directorship from the Princes’ concerts. Truck Maldere was a well-traveled musician who got operas performed in Vienna and Paris. He became the movie director from the Grand Theater in Brussels and constructed two comic operas for his tenure there (one was created in cooperation). The symphonies which he constructed were occur the typical Classical three motion structure. It’s been argued that truck Maldere himself was the pioneer because of this type. His violin sonatas and trios demonstrate an Italian Baroque impact.

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