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Phrase, given birth to Harley Webster in 1981, found that hip-hop was great when his parents confiscated all his tapes after hearing among the Body Count number cassettes he kept under his bed. As an adolescent, Term was living the life span of the normal white Australian homeboy, graffiti and medicines and rap fights on the teach songs. Two wakeup phone calls changed his existence. One arrived when previous footballer Jim Stynes found speak at his college about the Reach Youngsters system and their Desire Factory, helping teenagers build self-confidence and arranged goals for themselves. The additional arrived when he was hospitalized, dangerously underweight from a diet plan saturated in amphetamines and lower in real food. Recognizing he had a need to modification his life quite significantly if he didn’t desire to get rid of up a statistic, Expression began getting into the Revolver MC fights, and he improved with each competition. He became a member of the Reach Youngsters program and finally began doing work for them part-time, working his very own self-esteem, inspiration, and confidence-building classes at a community middle. At exactly the same time he fulfilled R&B vocalist Daniel Merriweather and hip-hop manufacturer Jan Skubiszewski, afterwards well-known as J-Skub of Jackson Jackson, both of whom decided to help him make his first record. In an unforeseen coup, that record, Talk with Power, was found by General Music in 2005 for nationwide distribution, and over night Phrase proceeded to go from an unidentified to a name in the gradually developing Australian hip-hop picture. He began executing guest performances for other performers including Mystro and Jade MacRae (who he was dating), aswell as showing up on ex-convict Chopper Reed’s questionable Interview having a Madman. In 2007 he came back to the studio room with J-Skub to record his second recording. What was said to be six weeks of documenting stretched into half a year when he listened back again to the 1st five tunes and recognized that these were rehashing the same purist boom-bap that, while well-known in Australia, they’d carried out before. They scrapped the great deal and began over, aiming at a far more rock and roll- and pop-influenced audio. The 1st such track, “Encounter It,” offering Ian Kenny from metallic band Karnivool, premiered as an individual and used to market the Australian release of Halo 3. It had been left off the ultimate recording, 2009’s Clockwork, which rather featured guest looks by Kram from alt-rock music group Spiderbait, pop vocalist Wendy Matthews, and Phrase’s aged close friends in Jackson Jackson.

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